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ECY Crossflow Fan

Product Specification & Details

The ECY crossflow fan has been designed to meet refrigeration and ventilation applications where evenly distributed airflow is required with a low noise level and efficient energy consumption.

At the heart of the ECY crossflow fan pack is the ECY series motor which allows customers to define single speed, 2-speed (high & trickle) or variable speed control via PWM.

ECY Crossflow

ECY Crossflow Speeds and Airflow

Model Speed VAC/Hz Airflow Input Power
ECY-60-180-1330-XXX 1330rpm 110VAC 50/60Hz 68CFM 3.6 Watts
ECY-60-180-1550-XXX 1550rpm 110VAC 50/60Hz 80CFM 6.3 Watts
ECY-60-180-1330-XXX 2100rpm 110VAC 50/60Hz 110CFM 11.8 Watts
ECY-60-240-1330-XXX 1330rpm 110VAC 50/60Hz 100 CFM 5.5 Watts
ECY-60-240-1330-XXX 1550rpm 110VAC 50/60Hz 120 CFM 8.6 Watts
ECY-60-240-1330-XXX 2100rpm 110VAC 50/60Hz 180CFM 18.1 Watts
ECY-60-300-1330-XXX 1330rpm 110VAC 50/60Hz 125 CFM 6.9 Watts
ECY-60-300-1330-XXX 1550rpm 110VAC 50/60Hz 155 CFM 11.2 Watts
ECY-60-300-1330-XXX 2100rpm 110VAC 50/60Hz 220 CFM 24.2 Watts

Airflow Curves

Air Flow Curves 60mm x 180mm

Air Flow Curves 60mm x 240mm

Air Flow Curves 60mm x 300mm

Power Curves

Air Flow Curves 60mm x 180mm

Air Flow Curves 60mm x 240mm

Air Flow Curves 60mm x 300mm

High-Efficiency EC Cross Flow Fans

High-efficiency EC cross flow fans, also known as tangential or tubular fans, are centrifugal fans that introduce airflow through the fan instead of an inlet. Using electronically commutated (EC) motors, which function in the manner of a brushless DC motor provide the maximum energy efficiency for your application. Cross flow EC fans are used in applications where there is a need of uniform and broad flow of air which is provided by their longitudinal design. Cross flow fans have an impellor that is longer in relation to their diameter, and they provide a right-angle air flow as it moves transversely across the impeller. We can provide customized EC cross flow fans that are tailored to your specific requirements, including adjusting the impellor length, motor speed, voltage, and cable.

Advantages of Cross Flow Fans

Used widely throughout the HVAC and refrigeration industries, cross flow fans produce a broad uniform flow of air. Cross flow fans deliver a two-dimensional flow and can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

Due to have a right-angle airflow and a long, thin design, they produce a number of advantages over other types of fans, including:

  • More compact with a longitudinal design
  • Greater efficiency relative to smaller pressure and placement
  • Quiet operation
  • Air flow throughout the length of the impeller
  • Higher pressure coefficient

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