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ECY-15 Series Motor

15 Watt - Low Output Power Motor

The ECY-15 motor is our low-cost, entry-level EC motor which has been designed to replace traditional 5-watt and 7-watt shaded pole motors used in commercial refrigeration applications. This motor incorporates the historical standard fixing patterns and therefore is the ideal choice if retrofitting or upgrading older refrigeration systems to become more energy efficient.

The ECY-15 motor can accommodate fan blades up to 200mm (8”) in diameter and can be offered as a motor only or assembled to our EFP or EFS fan packs. This motor can also be customized with customer bespoke cable length supplied with connectors or customer-specific overmolded plugs.

ECY-15 Series Motor

The energy-efficiency level is approximately 50%, which is a considerable saving on energy consumption when compared to a shaded pole motor efficiency of approximately 20%.

Standard features include global voltage, therefore reducing customer stock holding to one product that can meet global voltage demands and ingress protection of IP65 whereas a shaded pole motor will only meet IP20.

The ECY-15 motor complies with global approvals and is approved to be used with flammable refrigerants.

Technical Data

Specification EC-15
Input Voltage Range 110-230VAC 50/60Hz (85VAC-265VAC)
Maximum Input Power 15 Watt
Maximum Output Power 8 Watt
Efficiency 50%
Speed Range 500 rpm - 1550 rpm (constant speed)
Insulation Class Class B (130°C)
Thermal Protection Thermally Protected Windings
Electronic Protection Locked rotor and auto-restart, soft start function and current limit
Earthing Protection Double Insulated IP65 (ISO/EN 60529:2013)
Ingress Protection Rating IP65 (per ISO/EN 60529:2013)
Housing Material UL recognized (94Vo) rated reinforced plastic
Bearing System High precision sealed ball bearing
L10 Lofe Expectancy 30,000 hours at 40°C ambient (Motor installed horizontally)
Operating Temperature -40°C to +50°C


  • 1-Speed
  • 2-Speed
  • Reverse on Start
  • Reverse on Demand

Dimensions (Unit:mm)

ECY-15 Series Motor Dimensional Drawing

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