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ECY-45 Series Motor

45 Watt - High Output Power Motor

The ECY-45 motor is our high-entry level EC motor that has been designed to replace traditional 20-watt to 34-watt shaded pole motors used in commercial refrigeration applications and walk-in coolers. This motor incorporates the historical standard fixing patterns and therefore is the ideal choice if retrofitting or upgrading older refrigeration systems to become more energy efficient.

The ECY-45 motor can accommodate fan blades up to 300mm (12”) in diameter and can be offered as a motor only or assembled to our EFS fan pack. It can also be customized with customer bespoke cable length supplied with connectors or customer-specific overmolded plugs.

ECY-45 Series Motor

The energy efficiency level of this motor is approximately 70%, which is a considerable saving on energy consumption when compared to a shaded pole motor efficiency of approximately 20%. This motor can be supplied as a 1-speed, 2-speed, or 3-speed motor with any of the speeds available with reverse on demand or on reverse on start.

The ECY-45 motor complies with global approvals and is approved to be used with flammable refrigerants.

Technical Data

Specification ECY-45
Input Voltage Range 110v or 230v single voltage
Maximum Input Power 45 Watt
Maximum Output Power 31 Watt
Efficiency 70%
Speed Range 500 rpm - 2500 rpm (constant speed)
Insulation Class Class B (130°C)
Thermal Protection Thermally Protected Windings
Electronic Protection Locked rotor and auto-restart, soft start function and current limit
Earthing Protection Double Insulated IP65 (ISO/EN 60529:2013)
Ingress Protection Rating IP65 (per ISO/EN 60529:2013)
Housing Material UL recognized (94Vo) rated reinforced plastic
Bearing System High precision sealed ball bearing
L10 Lofe Expectancy 40,000 hours at 40°C ambient (Motor installed horizontally)
Operating Temperature -40°C to +50°C


  • 1-Speed
  • 2-Speed
  • 3-Speed
  • Reverse on Start
  • Reverse on Demand

Dimensions (Unit:mm)

ECY-45 Series Motor Dimensional Drawing

Product Compliance

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