EC Fans & Drives

Industries Served

We focus on providing leading OEM's with the highest quality energy efficient solutions in the telecoms/computing, HVAC, and commercial refrigeration sectors.

Commercial Refrigeration

Our EC Motor technology is the best in the industry and we continue to dedicate more resources towards improving our technology to provide even more reduction in operating and maintenance costs. Our energy efficient products are used in many applications such as vending machines, walk-in coolers, freezer/reach in cases and ice machine.

With a highly efficient electric motor designed specifically for commercial refrigeration applications, EC Fans & Drives has a strong presence in the refrigeration industry.

Commercial Refrigeration Industry


The HVAC industry is experiencing a worldwide push for energy efficient solutions for both residential and commercial applications.

Our fans and motors are in increasing demand as manufacturers design ventilation systems and heat recovery products that have high functionality and make use of energy efficient fans and electric motors.

HVAC Industry

Telecoms & Computing

Our range of high performance, high efficiency backward curved impellers are the ideal choice for telecoms manufacturers, with products utilized in the cooling of switching stations and cabinets.

The exponential growth in cloud storage has produced huge demand for storage capability and high efficiency EC axial fans are the ideal solution for cooling server racks.

Telecoms and Computing Industry