EC Fans & Drives


With over 35 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing electric motors we are driven to meet our customers’ requirements.

Our engineers are well equipped with the latest 3D CAD software systems, advanced laboratory equipment which allow us to perform aeraulic tests in compliance with AMCA 210-99 standards, sound-proof chambers in compliance with ISO 3744: 2010, ISO 3745:2012 & ISO7779:2010 with a background level < 18 dB(a), Magtrol dyno-meter for testing motor performance characteristics, humidity and thermal shock chambers and ingress protection chambers (dust & water) that allows us to either simulate or stress our products to worst case scenario.

Our team has a wealth of engineering expertise, based on many years of experience in the design and manufacturing of electric motors and fans. All products are designed and built to deliver high levels of efficiency and reliability.

High quality manufacturing processes, coupled with a clear focus on quality control, inspection and testing deliver strong levels of performance and longevity.

Our Engineering Services Include

  • Product Evaluation
  • Quality Testing
  • Design and Recommendations
  • Bespoke Design and Engineering Solutions

24/7 Engineering Support

We have an Engineering Center of Excellence, based in the United Kingdom, with access to and familiarity with the latest developments in European and International engineering and design, we can provide rapid response to all engineering requests.


We are at the forefront of motor and fan design. Global markets are demanding high levels of energy efficiency and our range of EC backward curved impellers, and high efficiency EC motors meet or exceed the operating efficiencies offered by competing products anywhere in the world. If energy efficiency is a key objective, EC Fans & Drives can supply the best available solution.

Improving Technology

Our engineering team are immersed in all current technical developments in the area of motor and fan design. If it's happening, we know about it and we are constantly improving our product offerings to incorporate leading edge technology.

Our Technology Investment

Our products deliver the best in class levels of performance and energy efficiency. EC Fans & Drives will continue to invest in the research and development required to maintain our position at the forefront of energy efficient motors and fans.