EXRi50 Motor

Entry Level, Speed Controlled, Single Direction, External Rotor, Electronically Commutated Motor

Our EXRi50 motor is a ground-breaking electronically commutated (EC) motor targeted at the commercial refrigeration and small HVAC markets with multiple fixing options to suit both sectors. The EXRi50 is a Global Voltage, single speed, single direction EC motor, offering class-leading efficiency.

The EXRi50 stands out from other motors in that it comes complete with an integrated fan blade and optional fan ring. This gives the motor a compact and slim profile, making it a perfect solution for applications where space is minimal.

This energy efficient EC motor is available in three sizes consisting of 154mm, 172mm and 200mm. The motor has a full operating range of 600-3000rpm. However, standard units were designed with the most common speeds used in refrigeration which are available in one of four pre-set speeds of1330, 1600, 1850, or 2100rpm. The EXRi50 is competitively priced allowing OEMs to select a Global Voltage motor already equipped with an integrated fan blade ultimately reducing the number of SKUs an OEM has to carry. Additionally, the motor removes the need to source and fit a separate fan blade, further reducing the drain on financial and labor resources.

EXRi50 Motor Capabilities

Below you will find our EXRi50 motor capabilities.

Output Power 1 to 10 Watt
Efficiency 60%
Housing Thermoplastic
Bearings High Precision Ball Bearings
Speed Single Speed (Constant Speed)
Speed Range 600rpm – 3000rpm
Rotation Single Direction
Insulation Class Class B (130°C)
Motor Protection Electronic and Thermal
IP Rating IP55
Ambient Operating Range -40°C t0 +50°C (85% Relative Humidity)
Operating Mode Continuous (S1)
Mounting Position Any
Voltage 120VAC 50/60 Cycle, 230VAC 50/60 Cycle, 24VDC
Certification UL, CUL, TUV, and CE

EU Compliant Certifications

Below you will find our EXRi50 motor European Union (EU) Compliant certificates.

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