ECplus Motor

Premium Level, 3-Speed, Programmable, Bi-Direction Electronically Commutated Electric Motor

Our ECplus motor has been designed to allow the motor to deliver more power with lower input watts. This transforms into cooler running operation which results in fewer failures. Less efficient shaded pole motors are often used in original equipment to cut costs. Fewer BTU's in the system means less work for the compressor and reduced compressor wear for even greater savings.

While shaded pole motors do allow some small savings in purchase price, the savings are quickly absorbed in electric bills at today's high power costs. Using the ECplus as in new equipment or as a retrofit to replace shaded pole OEM motors this can save the user up to 65 percent in energy usage.

ECplus Motor Capabilities

Below you will find our ECplus motor capabilities.

Output Power 1 to 22 Watt
Efficiency 65%
Housing Thermoplastic
Bearings High Precision Ball Bearings
Speed 3 Speeds (Constant Speed)
Speed Range 600rpm – 2300rpm
Rotation Single Direction, Reverse On Demand or Start
Insulation Class Class B (130°C)
Motor Protection Electronic and Thermal
IP Rating IP55
Ambient Operating Range -40°C t0 +50°C (85% Relative Humidity)
Operating Mode Continuous (S1)
Mounting Position Any
Voltage 120VAC 50/60 Cycle, 230VAC 50/60 Cycle
Certification UL, CUL, TUV, and CE

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ECplus Motor in Action

View our short video to see our ECplus motor in action for yourself.

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