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High-Temperature AC Axial Fans

High-Operating Temperature Metal AC Axial Fans

High-temperature AC axial fans are designed specifically to operate in environments up to 100°C.

They are ideal for applications with high-operating temperatures as they feature a thermal protected external rotor capacitor-run induction motor. These models are designed for use in ambient temperatures up to 30% higher than standard AC fans. Compact high-temperature axial fans are most commonly used to circulate air to regulate temperatures in machinery, ovens, and equipment enclosures.

AC High Temperature Axial Fan

Benefits of Using High-Temperature Metal AC Axial Fans

High-temperature AC fans are designed to do two things:

  1. Push hot air out of an enclosure or pull cooler, outside air into the enclosure to keep the overall temperature of the equipment down, similar to a cooling fan.
  2. Move the hot air inside of an oven to create a uniform temperature throughout to eliminate cool spots. These fans and their motors need to be robust enough to withstand the high temperatures in the oven. Many food service cabinets need uniform heat to provide an extended holding life for long periods of time, which keeps the food hot until the service is ready.

EC Fans and Drives offer a range of axial fans that can withstand the high temperatures needed in these types of applications. Durable designs feature an aluminum alloy frame, steel metal fan blades spot welded into rotor for high efficiency, Class F motor, and special high-temperature bearing lubricant.

Dependable Service in Extreme Temperatures

High-temperature AC axial fans, if designed properly, can provide years of dependable service. Built for harsh environments, the high-temperature AC axial fans are IP55 or IP56 rated and designed for applications with temperature extremes, dirt, oil, and moisture. These all-metal fans feature aluminum die-cast frames, and metal alloy impellers for longer lifespans of up to 50,000 hours.

Available with lead wire or terminal connections, we can customize the lead wire assembly to meet any application requirements. Alongside the customizations, we also offer a metal fan guard, plastic fan filter, or plastic finger guard for all of these high-temperature AC axial fan models. Available in a broad offering of sizes, CFM values and voltages (global/dual voltage available), EC Fans and Drives has the right fan for your harsh environment application.

All products are UL and CE certified along with being RoHS compliant.

Applications Utilizing High-Temperature AC Axial Fans

  • Food Warming and Holding Equipment
  • Vending Machines
  • Commercial Ovens
  • Bakery Equipment
  • Appliances
  • Military
  • Oil & Gas

High-Temperature AC Axial Fans Are Also Known As

  • Computer Fans
  • Box or Frame Fans
  • Muffin Fans
  • Compact Axial Fans

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