EC Fans & Drives

Ventilation System Motor for Supermarket


EC Fans & Drives was tasked with developing an energy efficient fan and motor solution for a client building a sophisticated "open rafter" ventilation system for supermarkets, designed to eliminate condensation in upright display cases.

They needed a fan motor that had best in class levels of energy-efficiency, while producing sufficient airflow for the application. They also required the ability to switch the fan motor off and to move it between three different fixed speed settings.


We were able to provide a solution using our ECplus motor, which delivered the required energy efficiency, while also having enough shaft power to run the required diameter fan blade and generate the airflow required by the Customer.

We also provided the Customer with a rotary switch solution that worked with the three speed settings on the ECplus motor, to provide a 4-position selection switch, moving the fan assembly from "Off" through three different speeds.

Ventilation System Motor for Supermarket


Our ECplus motor provided the energy efficiency and airflow performance that the Customer needed. Our engineering team was able to mate the speed options of the ECplus with an external switch solution that provided the flexibility and adjust-ability required by the Customer.

Our ECplus motor has been very successfully operating in their application for a number of years now.