EC Fans & Drives

Motor Solution for a Global Beverage Company


The challenge was to develop an energy efficient fan and motor solution for a global beverage company that would meet stringent energy consumption requirements as well as fitting into a small physical space in a new beverage cooler that was being developed.

We were approached to see if we could assist the clients engineering department in the development of a new beverage cooler. They needed the motor to be an EC unit, with the highest possible energy efficiency, but they were also working within a particularly confined space within the cooler for location of the fan and motor. They had tried various fan and motor solutions available in the market place but had not been able to satisfactorily achieve both targets

The new fan motor also had to be able to produce the required airflow as well as being robust enough to pass stringent testing and performance thresholds.


Working closely with the Customer's engineering team we developed an EC motor with an integrated 154mm fan blade incorporated into the design of the motor itself, thus presenting an unusually slim profile while meeting the required airflow and efficiency targets.

We supplied prototype samples to the customer, fitted with a potentiometer to allow for testing at varying speeds, allowing them to select the correct motor speed for their application.

Motor Solution for a Global Beverage Company


EC Fans & Drives developed their EXRi50 EC motor for this application, which delivered best in class levels of energy efficiency. The new motor also addressed the challenge presented by the reduced physical space within the Customer application for the fan motor assembly.

Final samples were developed and delivered for extensive testing in various ambient temperatures and the EXRi50 was approved by the Customer for use in their application.