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Logistics Struggle for Global Refrigeration OEM


A very large United States refrigeration OEM with multiple manufacturing sites around the world approached us. They had been using conventional AC refrigeration motors in their coolers and they wanted to move to an EC technology motor.


Engineering was handled by the OEMs engineering team in the United States and we also had involved from their engineering team based in China. After working with the two engineering teams, we supplied them with the samples of our new ECY01 motor and they were tested extensively, both in China and in the United States.

The motor passed all the testing and we are now supplying that motor in significant volume. So not only did we produce a state-of-the-art EC motor with class-leading technology that satisfied their refrigeration requirements, we were also able to work closely with the Chinese engineering team and the U.S. engineering team to finalize the design and specification.

EC Motor for Global Refrigeration OEM


Now we regularly supply that motor directly into their Mexican manufacturing plant and directly into their Chinese manufacturing plant. This demonstrates the logistical capabilities as well as our design and engineering capabilities. We’re able to supply the product into two very geographically separate locations.

They’ve also come to us with a new application that requires an EC motor fitted with an extended shaft. Once again, we are working with the two engineering teams and we have developed a motor with an extended shaft capability that meets all their requirements. That product now in test with the U.S-based OEM.