Motorized Impellers

Centrifugal Fans, Electronically Commutated Motor

Motorized impellers are available with forward or backward curved blades. At the heart of every motorized impeller is a high quality, high efficiency external rotor motor. These motors are compact and of a flat design. The external rotor motor is integrated into the impeller on all models.

Motorized Impeller Capabilities

Below you will find our motorized impeller capabilities.

Wheel Diameter Complete Range From 133mm to 400mm Backward Curve
Airflow Range 360M3/Hr (211 CFM) to 3900M3/Hr (2295 CFM)
Wheel Material Thermoplastic / Aluminium
Speed Control PWM or 0-10VDC Control Analogue
Other Features Alarm, Tachograph, External Output Power
Efficiency 65%
Motor Housing Aluminium
Bearings High Precision Ball Bearings
Insulation Class Class B (130°C)
Motor Protection Electronic and Thermal
IP Rating IP55
Ambient Operating Range -30°C t0 +50°C (85% Relative Humidity)
Operating Mode Continuous (S1)
Mounting Position Any
Voltage 120VAC 50/60 Cycle and 230VAC 50/60 Cycle
Certification UL, CUL, and CE

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Motorized Impellers