Wholesale & Retrofit

Commercial refrigeration contractors can now save valuable time and money, while also reducing their replacement motor inventories, with the introduction of the high efficiency ECplus™ refrigeration motor.

The ECplus™ motor is an electronically commutated motor (ECM) which can replace hundreds of OEM shaded pole evaporator fan motors found in OEM refrigeration equipment - resulting in thousands of dollars in energy saving for a typical supermarket.

ECplus Refrigeration Motor - Internal Overview

The ECplus™ design allows the motor to deliver more power, but with a lower current draw. Cooler operation results in fewer failures.

Less efficient shaded pole motors are often used in original equipment to cut costs. While shaded pole motors do allow some small savings in purchase price, the savings are quickly eroded by higher power costs.

Using the ECplus™ motor as a retrofit to replace shaded pole OEM motors can save the user up to 70% in energy usage. The ECplus™ refrigeration motor also uses less energy to achieve the same airflow as a shaded pole motor, so it produces less heat.

The ECplus™ motor is designed as a drop-in replacement motor, one ECplus™ motor model can replace an entire range of 6,9,12,16,18 &, 20 watt shaded pole and PSC motors – one size truly fits all.

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