ECplus Motor Advantages

Standard Features

ECplus Refrigeration Motor Advantages

Power Range

Best in the market – one model covers 1 Watt to 22 Watt shaft power

Speed Range

Comparable with competitors – 300 to 2300rpm


Best in the market – peak efficiency greater than 70%

Starting and Running Noise Levels

Incorporating a ‘soft-start’ feature ensures that there is a quiet ramp up to desired speed which assists in eliminating vibration noise & increasing the life expectancy of integrated electronics


Thermally Protected with One-Shot Thermal Fuse & Built In Electronic Overload Protection

Speed Settings

The only refrigeration motor to have 3 pre-determined settings

IP Rating

Comparable with competitors – IP55

Timed Reverse

On Start Up or at end of operation



Optional Features

ECplus Refrigeration Motor Features

Speed Control

Speed control via NTC control

Variable Control

Sped Control via 0-10Vdc Control input / PWM

9 Speed Motor

Speeds pre-set at factory via wiring

Programmable Speed Setting

Speeds Set by Customer

48 Vdc Version

Atex Approval

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